Bride Kolby (Germany)

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Just when you have found «the one» to marry, the search then turns to find «the one» to get married in. For me personally, I knew I wanted something minimal that was classic for years to come no matter how many years went by, something with perpetual sophistication. I went to a dress shop and was presented with trendy gowns with lace, pearls, and satin. Knowing that none of the styles were for me, I turned to Etsy and found the small dressmaking company of Piondress- minimal, classic, chic.
I want to thank Ekaterina and the Piondress team for making me feel beautiful on this special day, and for making something so special so easy to access- Especially in the time of Covid-19! At first, I was nervous about ordering a custom dress online, but the communication with Ekaterina through every step of the process made it simple. Putting it on gave me the feeling I could never get in a dress shop…and the photos illustrate that. Thank you for making sure it was «the one» in every way!

Photo Alexis Julia

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