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Хорошую репутацию довольно легко потерять, именно поэтому своей мы очень дорожим и по-настоящему гордимся. А отзывы наших дорогих невест со всех уголков планеты служат тому истинным подтверждением.

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    Violet (La Grande, USA)

    I was so nervous to order a dress online but I could never have gotten my dream dress anywhere else for this price. I felt like a princess and everyone said I looked great and they loved my dress. The only reasons I can’t put 5 stars is that 1. I couldn’t lift my arms all the way up in my sleeves, and 2. There was no bustle for my dress. I hadn’t even thought to ask about either but it would have been nice to not have to also. But overall such a great experience, it was the only thing besides the food at my wedding that was actually worth the money lol

    Свадебное платье | МистикСвадебное платье | Мистик

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    Изображение #1 от Violet (La Grande, USA)
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    Caitlyn (Norfolk, USA)

    Absolutely stunning dress. This kind is particularly fitted to your measurements, and I didn’t realize that I wouldn’t be able to lift my arms all the way with these sleeves. That is truly my only regret, so keep mobility in mind when you order a custom dress, I didn’t even think about it. All in all it’s a fantastic, gorgeous, elegant gown and I will enjoy it just as well on my wedding day!

    Свадебное платье | НаталияСвадебное платье | Наталия

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    Изображение #1 от Caitlyn (Norfolk, USA)
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    Darcy (Vancouver, Canada)

    Excellent quality! Fits well, just had to get the sleeves taken in. Probably should have requested that measurement as well. Otherwise. Perfect!

    Свадебное платье | ЖаклинСвадебное платье | Жаклин

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    Khulan (Unterföhring, Germany)

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    Sophia (Schmölln, Germany)

    Das Kleid ist wunderschön… leider nicht an mir.. mit 1,52 m sieht es leider furchtbar aus.

    Свадебное платье | ЛимаСвадебное платье | Лима

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    Isabel (Minnetonka, USA)

    This dress is gorgeous! I am usually an 8 and I ordered an 8 tall. The size fits me almost perfectly. It was a little bit longer than expected, so I will be hemming it just a bit. The bodice and lace are lovely and delicate. One thing I noticed is the band around the middle of the waist is much more noticeable and flesh-colored / peach in my dress than the pictures. I’m altering this with the addition of a ribbon around the waist. The back of the dress has a larger gap of illusion netting between the lace and the waist than the pictures make it seem. We might add some lace to cover the gap so it doesn’t look as exposed. Otherwise, with the alterations, I think it will be the most dreamy dress! The tulle is the most fabulous and swishy fabric, which is what I was hoping for. 🙂

    Свадебное платье | ВивьенСвадебное платье | Вивьен

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    Sarah (Morrow, USA)

    This dress was beautiful. Simple. Just what I wanted for my small family wedding. The fabric was comfortable. Seams were a bit more noticeable than I realized at first but nothing that bothered me much. Ekaterina was so kind and very good to make sure I had the correct sizing. It arrived early and I only needed to have it hemmed. The shoulders were a bit tight but everything else was great. I got a size “ US 0 Standard “ and my measurements are: Bust- 31 1/2” Hip- 35 1/4” Waist — 23 3/4” Shoulder — 18” Hallow to floor — 54 1/4” Bicep- 9 1/2

    Свадебное платье | МиленаСвадебное платье | Милена

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    Изображение #1 от Sarah (Morrow, USA)
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    Sindy (Simmerath, Germany)

    Es ist ein wunderschönes Kleid, in guter Qualität. Es werden nur kleine individuelle Änderungen beim Schneider vorgenommen. Bearbeitung und Versand ging sehr schnell. Die Kommunikation ging auch reibungslos. Werde ich weiter empfehlen

    Свадебное платье | ПаулинаСвадебное платье | Паулина

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    Colleen (Sunnyvalle, USA)

    I love this dress. It needed a fair amount of alterations, but it turned out beautifully. I love the simple design and the pearly button on the back. I did remove the mesh on the sleeve, but otherwise kept it true to the intended look of the dress. The fit wasn’t really true to size. I ordered a 14 which fit perfectly at the waist but was about 2 inches too small in the bust. Kind of odd since I don’t know too many size 14 ladies who are smaller in the bust than me since I’m only an A cup. The dress was also cut for a taller bride. I was expecting to hem the dress but I also needed the top adjusted for height. But my seamstress was able to work out all of these and I love the result.

    Свадебное платье | КаринаСвадебное платье | Карина

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    Elizabeth (Midlothian, USA)

    Pretty dress. Little restricting in the chest/shoulders. No stretch so not able to lift arms easily above shoulders.

    Свадебное платье | ЭвитаСвадебное платье | Эвита

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    Alexandria (Nuntington, USA)

    My dress came quickly! It’s beautiful and exactly as pictured, however there was a small hole in the sleeve. Ekaterina responded quickly and apologized. She offered to let me return the dress or have a small refund. I opted for the refund to put towards taking it to a seamstress. All in all, its a beautiful dress, especially for the price, and exactly what I wanted for a simple spring wedding.

    Свадебное платье | МарикаСвадебное платье | Марика

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    Mary (Juchen, Germany)

    Very reliable….punctual in delivery..Thank you!

    Свадебное платье | ЮлияСвадебное платье | Юлия