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Цвет: молочный
Лиф: шифон, атлас, подкладка
Чашки: да
Рукава: шифон, кружево
Юбка: шифон, подкладка
Шлейф: 30 см

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  1. Фото аватара

    Viktoria (Ostfildern, Germany)

    Amazing! It was the best idea to marry in one of these wedding dresses.

  2. Фото аватара

    Mila (Ulyanovsk, Russia)

    Изображение #1 от Mila (Ulyanovsk, Russia)
    Изображение #2 от Mila (Ulyanovsk, Russia)
    Изображение #3 от Mila (Ulyanovsk, Russia)
  3. Фото аватара

    Victoria (Tucson, USA)

    This dress saved me! I bought a dress the “traditional” way at an overpriced shop with friends. I slowly came to regret my purchase but felt short time and didn’t want to go back through that tiring process (let alone the price point you find at traditional stores). I caved and bought this dress on Etsy and WOW. Everything was exactly as described. Aleksandra answered my questions and was helpful and thoughtful about the measurements I provided. To my delight the dress was finished and shipped under the expected time frame! It is so feminine and beautiful, I am so excited to wear it on my wedding day. I did end up needing to alter a bit – but I think it was my fault as I may have been generous with the measurements for fear of it being too tight. It was all worth it though for this beautiful dress and especially for the price!

  4. Фото аватара

    Susana (Seixal, Portugal)

    I absolutely love the dress, I would buy it again!

    Изображение #1 от Susana (Seixal, Portugal)
    Изображение #2 от Susana (Seixal, Portugal)
    Изображение #3 от Susana (Seixal, Portugal)
  5. Фото аватара

    Caitlyn (Norfolk, USA)

    Absolutely stunning dress. This kind is particularly fitted to your measurements, and I didn’t realize that I wouldn’t be able to lift my arms all the way with these sleeves. That is truly my only regret, so keep mobility in mind when you order a custom dress, I didn’t even think about it. All in all it’s a fantastic, gorgeous, elegant gown and I will enjoy it just as well on my wedding day!

    Изображение #1 от Caitlyn (Norfolk, USA)
  6. Фото аватара

    Tijana (Chicago, USA)

    Изображение #1 от Tijana (Chicago, USA)
    Изображение #2 от Tijana (Chicago, USA)
    Изображение #3 от Tijana (Chicago, USA)
  7. Фото аватара

    Alexandra (Boronia, Australia)

    So unbelievably happy with my dress. Fit perfectly and I got so many compliments. ❤️

    Изображение #1 от Alexandra (Boronia, Australia)
  8. Фото аватара

    Katarina (Vienna, Austria)

    Quality is very good! The dress is perfect!

  9. Фото аватара

    Mary (Traverse City, USA)

  10. Фото аватара

    Alexandra (Boronia, Australia)

    I got my dress today and I absolutely love it. Thank you so much!

  11. Фото аватара

    Ana (Egilsstadir, Iceland)

    Изображение #1 от Ana (Egilsstadir, Iceland)
  12. Фото аватара

    Tania (Watford, UK)

    I try a lots of dress and i didn’t like no one of them. after i found piondressbridal and i decide take the risk. Ekaterina ask all my questions , she was amazing.I decide order with my measures and she explains and help how to do. the dress arrive very quick and looks amazing like a properly bride dress like you see in the stores, i’m very happy to choose her. the only problem is the duty fee because to UK is around £130. But honestly i’m not regret!! the dress looks beautiful and the material is very very good. i’m very happy decide buy here and very excited to use on my weeding day!!

  13. Фото аватара

    Stefanie (Köln, Germany)

    Ich habe lange überlegt bevor ich ein relativ günstiges Kleid online aus einem Nicht-EU-Land bestelle und bin total froh, dass ich es gemacht habe. Es ist sehr sehr schön! Ich habe das Kleid in meiner gewohnten Konfektiinsgröße bestellt und es passt perfekt. Material und Verarbeitung sind hochwertig und gut. Das Kleid war innerhalb weniger Tage bei mir in Deutschland. Die Kommunikation mit Ekaterina war schnell und sehr freundlich. Für Zoll und Steuern musste ich zusätzliche 150 Euro zahlen. Ich würde es wieder kaufen. Danke!:)

  14. Фото аватара

    Mary (Portland, USA)

    Great service and understanding! Would recommend!

  15. Фото аватара

    Savannah (Carthage, USA)

    A very beautiful dress. I knew I didn’t like the poofy, heavy wedding dresses that are trendy right now and I had a relatively small budget so it was a relief to find this. My only problem with it was that the nature of the back design means that the front wouldn’t look fitted unless it was way too tight. I had a seamstress add a pearl strap to the back to hold the two pieces of lace where they should be. I preferred the look of the back without the strap, but I needed the functionality. Otherwise, this was an elegant dress that I absolutely loved.

    Изображение #1 от Savannah (Carthage, USA)
  16. Фото аватара

    Анна (Москва, Россия)

    Спасибо огромное за прекрасное платье! Влюбилась в него с первого взгляда 😍 плюс длину подкорректировали, как и хотела! Было идеально! Спасибо ❤️

    Изображение #1 от Анна (Москва, Россия)
    Изображение #2 от Анна (Москва, Россия)
  17. Фото аватара

    Rachael (Ooltewah, USA)

    The dress arrived yesterday (very quick to be made and shipped) and is beautiful. Very well made, easy to customize, and such fantastic attention to detail. I am so glad I found Piondress and Ekaterina was so helpful during the process. I cannot wait to wear this beautiful dress on my special day. If you are thinking about buying one of these beautiful dresses, do! You will love it.

  18. Фото аватара

    Алена (Москва, Россия)

    Здравствуйте! Хочу поделиться с вами фотографиями со свадьбы, где я в вашем чудесном платье)
    Я в восторге) оно очень красивое) спасибо вам большое ❤️

    Изображение #1 от Алена (Москва, Россия)
    Изображение #2 от Алена (Москва, Россия)
  19. Фото аватара

    Emily (Knoxville, USA)

    Изображение #1 от Emily (Knoxville, USA)
    Изображение #2 от Emily (Knoxville, USA)
  20. Фото аватара

    Josephine (Duluth, USA)

    I absolutely love my dress! It is exactly what I want and have pictured for my wedding dress. The simplicity is beautiful, softly spoken, and elegant. The fabric feels and lays nicely and is of sturdy quality. The skirt lays just like it does in the pictures, and the lace in the back is my favorite part! In terms of sizing, I was debating between a US 6 and US 8. I have little to no bust, but was still above the sizing for US 6 bust/waist. Now since getting the dress, it is a little big in the waist and a cup size or two larger in the bust than I expected… but nothing a little alteration can’t fix and always safer to order a bit larger online and adjust from there! Thank you Piondress!!

  21. Фото аватара

    Zainab (Garran, Australia)

    I got my dress last week and it’s very very beautiful!! The material is very soft and comfortable and it’s just like in the photo. I’m in love with my dress and I can’t wait to wear it for my big day. My experience with Piondress Bridal was great from the beginning. I ordered this dress but I asked for a bow on the top back which was from another dress and Ekatrina was very accommodating and it came out really nicely. Communication was so easy. All my questions were answered very quickly. I got my dress within the 6 weeks frame that they set from the order date, which is awesome!!! Everything was perfect! I highly recommend Piondress Bridal and I will definitely post some photos of the dress after the wedding. Thank you very much! 🙂

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