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Хорошую репутацию довольно легко потерять, именно поэтому своей мы очень дорожим и по-настоящему гордимся. А отзывы наших дорогих невест со всех уголков планеты служат тому истинным подтверждением.

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  1. Фото аватара

    I had the best experience working with Piondress and I loved the final product! They accommodated my desired customizations perfectly, and the dress arrived super quickly. I used custom sizing, and needed very minimal tailoring. The quality of the fabric is nice, and the lining gives everything a clean look. I was a bride on a budget, so the price point was also a major decider for me. They kept me updated about the process the whole time, and communication was easy and quick. I am so happy with my dress; I felt very beautiful at our wedding. Thank you so much Piondress!
    *My dress is a combination of the Claudia dress and the Michelle dresses. The train was extended to court length, and back buttons were extended to the edge of the train.

    Изображение #1 от Raven
    Изображение #2 от Raven
  2. Фото аватара
    Изображение #1 от Sarah
    Изображение #2 от Sarah
    Изображение #3 от Sarah
  3. Фото аватара

    Хочу еще раз сказать спасибо за моё идеальное платье, хорошо организованную доставку и приятный сервис.
    Очень рада выбором модели, платье село прекрасно, было комфортно на протяжении всего дня.
    Удачи вам и процветания!

    Изображение #1 от Lana (Barcelona, Spain)
    Изображение #2 от Lana (Barcelona, Spain)
    Изображение #3 от Lana (Barcelona, Spain)
    Изображение #4 от Lana (Barcelona, Spain)
  4. Фото аватара

    Finding a simple yet elegant and classy wedding dress was daunting for me, and I was happy when I finally found Piondress. Then, my challenge became deciding which dress I liked most from their website. As I couldn’t decide, I ordered two dresses (both magnificent) – and then finally decided to wear the Lesya dress on my Big Day 🙂 <3 <3 <3

    Although I frequently buy online, I never even imagined I'd order my wedding dress online as well. But reading the other reviews convinced me it's a good choice to order from Piondress. Speaking with them through chat and email also increased my confidence. Delivery was faster than expected. I made some small alterations to the dress, not because it was needed, but because I preferred it this way.

    Overall, I am grateful and happy; thank you, Piondress!

    Изображение #1 от Bea
    Изображение #2 от Bea
  5. Фото аватара

    This wedding dress was perfect! ❤️ I love the lightweight material and simplicity of it. It fit perfectly as well! Thank you Piondress!

    Изображение #1 от Sarah S.
    Изображение #2 от Sarah S.
  6. Фото аватара

    This dress fit me at eight months pregnant with only a little bit of prior planning. It was a beautiful dress. It was perfect. My dream dress.

    Изображение #1 от Lauryn Healy
    Изображение #2 от Lauryn Healy
    Изображение #3 от Lauryn Healy
  7. Фото аватара

    I was SO HAPPY with this dress! The seller was kind and communicative and the dress even came before expected. It’s literally perfect I cannot wait to wear it for my wedding day

  8. Фото аватара

    My dress fit like a glove. It was so comfortable and well made. I couldn’t of asked for more. Thank you Piondress for making my day special

    Изображение #1 от Edlyn (Houston, USA)
  9. Фото аватара

    Beautifully elegant tea length dress. Exactly as seen and described; delicate lace bodice with Pearl button fastening at the back. Aleksandra was polite and professional, contacting me to confirm my measurements and length required shortly after payment. The dress arrived a few days earlier than expected. Really enjoyed wearing this on my special day.

    Изображение #1 от Lisa (London, UK)
  10. Фото аватара

    I recently had the pleasure of wearing a wedding dress from Piondress on my special day, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. This dress was a dream come true, and I would like to share my thoughts.
    From the moment I laid eyes on this dress, I was captivated by its elegance and simplicity. It was everything I had ever imagined in a wedding gown. The timeless and classic design made me feel like a true bride. The clean lines, subtle details, and overall silhouette were simply breathtaking.
    What truly amazed me was the exceptional quality of the dress, especially considering the reasonable price. The fabric felt luxurious, and the craftsmanship was evident in every stitch. I felt comfortable and confident throughout the entire day, which is something every bride hopes for.
    On my wedding day, I received numerous compliments from both guests and loved ones. Many people were struck by the beauty and grace of the dress, and I felt like a true princess. It was heartwarming to see how much people admired it.
    I would wholeheartedly recommend Piondress to any bride-to-be. Not only did they provide me with a stunning wedding dress that exceeded my expectations, but they also made my wedding day incredibly special. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality are truly impressive. Thank you, Ekaterina, for making my wedding day unforgettable with a dress that I will cherish forever!

    Изображение #1 от Ellyse
    Изображение #2 от Ellyse
  11. Фото аватара

    Absolutely beautiful – excellent quality and arrived right on time. Seller reached out to me right after I placed the order to make sure the sizing was correct. Very happy with my purchase.

  12. Фото аватара

    High quality dress with exceptional customer service. They were a pleasure to work with.

  13. Фото аватара

    The dress I ordered was absolute PERFECTION! True to size. Incredible craftsmanship. Quick turnaround. The honor of wearing was all mine! Many, many thanks 💖

    Изображение #1 от Megan (Llano, USA)
    Изображение #2 от Megan (Llano, USA)
  14. Фото аватара

    Beautiful dress, amazing quality. I went with something different for my wedding but I was so pleased with everything about the Emily dress and Piondress in general.

  15. Фото аватара
    Изображение #1 от Denise (North Kellyville, Australia)
    Изображение #2 от Denise (North Kellyville, Australia)
    Изображение #3 от Denise (North Kellyville, Australia)
    Изображение #4 от Denise (North Kellyville, Australia)
  16. Фото аватара

    The whole buying process from start to finish went totally smooth. The dress is great quality and looks beautiful on. Thank you!

  17. Фото аватара

    The dress is beautiful. It turned it out better than expected. Ekaterina did a great job. I ordered the dress using my measurements which I was sent a video to help on how to take them. The process took about 3-4 weeks from sending my measurements to receiving the dress. If I hadn’t told my fiancé I bought it through Etsy, he thought it was from a wedding dress store. The quality is that good. The dress was packaged well and it came with a Piondress garment bag which was much appreciated. Огромное спасибo, Ekaterina!

  18. Фото аватара

    Really beautiful. I will submit a picture when I wear it.

    Изображение #1 от Mary (Jersey City, USA)
  19. Фото аватара

    It’s PERFECT!!! Flawlessly fitted to me, exactly as the photo, and such a dream of a dress! It’s so beautifully made!!! The fabric and quality are stunning!!! And POLKA DOTS?!? Such a happy dress!!! Thank you…💗

  20. Фото аватара

    Outstanding customer service; beautiful quality, gorgeous dress!

  21. Фото аватара

    The quality of the dress was wonderful, it was beautiful and neatly sewn. Aleksandra was very helpful and answered all my questions. I was able to make a few alterations so that the dress was exactly as I imagined it. The dress fit well and looked beautiful. I highly recommend!

    Изображение #1 от Elfriede Holstein
  22. Фото аватара

    Mine was from Piondress. I was really impressed how it was made, got the measurements perfectly.
    Lots of love from UK

    Изображение #1 от Diana (Nottingham, UK)
    Изображение #2 от Diana (Nottingham, UK)
    Изображение #3 от Diana (Nottingham, UK)
  23. Фото аватара

    Wow! This dress is everything – beauty, style, and comfort. I sent in my measurements and my dress arrived within a month. Communication was fantastic!

    Изображение #1 от Stacy (Mechanicsburg, USA)
  24. Фото аватара

    Beautiful and it fit perfectly

  25. Фото аватара

    I was very nervous to order my daughters wedding dress site unseen. It was perfect—made to order from her measurements. The dress is perfect and I would recommend anyone to use this store

  26. Фото аватара

    We got married yesterday and it was wonderful!
    I wanted to say thank you for the beautiful dress and i am sending you some of the fotos !
    It was really the perfect dress for a perfect day!
    Thanks again!

    Photo Horst Buchmayer

    Изображение #1 от Siglind (Bürmoos, Austria)
    Изображение #2 от Siglind (Bürmoos, Austria)
    Изображение #3 от Siglind (Bürmoos, Austria)
  27. Фото аватара

    Dress was absolutely stunning! I absolutely loved the lace detailing on the bodice as well as the pearls on the back. I got so many compliments on my wedding day. I would highly recommend picking from this shop if you are wanting to go outside the traditional box of wedding dress shopping.

    Изображение #1 от Antoinette (Marietta, USA)
  28. Фото аватара
    Изображение #1 от Daria (Tbilisi, Georgia)
    Изображение #2 от Daria (Tbilisi, Georgia)
    Изображение #3 от Daria (Tbilisi, Georgia)
    Изображение #4 от Daria (Tbilisi, Georgia)
  29. Фото аватара

    Very high quality item that arrived earlier than scheduled.

  30. Фото аватара

    I just wanted to send you a photo of my dress which I loved and was perfect!

    Изображение #1 от Skye (Brisbane, Australia)
  31. Фото аватара

    What a lovely dress! Such good quality, it looks exactly like the pictures. I cannot wait to wear it on the big day! So beautiful.

  32. Фото аватара

    I love my dress 😍

    Изображение #1 от Yose
    Изображение #2 от Yose
    Изображение #3 от Yose
  33. Фото аватара
    Изображение #1 от Mila (Ulyanovsk, Russia)
    Изображение #2 от Mila (Ulyanovsk, Russia)
    Изображение #3 от Mila (Ulyanovsk, Russia)
  34. Фото аватара

    This dress came just how I dreamed it would! I love it and will be wearing it to my wedding in December!

  35. Фото аватара

    perfect dress for my wedding

  36. Фото аватара

    The piondress was stunning and exactly as I thought it would be from the description!

  37. Фото аватара

    The dress is stunning! I feel really blessed to find my absolute dream dress made just for me! Thanks, Piondress! <3

    Изображение #1 от Sierra (Wapakoneta, USA)
  38. Фото аватара
    Изображение #1 от Bride Elizabeth (Melbourne, Australia)
    Изображение #2 от Bride Elizabeth (Melbourne, Australia)
    Изображение #3 от Bride Elizabeth (Melbourne, Australia)
  39. Фото аватара

    I paid for the rush order due to a close wedding date. I did the custom sizing and it fit perfectly! I can’t wait to wear it for the big day. The fabric falls so beautifully and it’s just so simple and elegant. I also ordered the matching veil. I added a simple tatted belt I made to accent the dress. I love it!

    Изображение #1 от Julia (Murfreesboro, USA)
  40. Фото аватара

    Great customer service, arrived in time for wedding and was just as described 🥰

    Изображение #1 от Lex (Epping, Australia)